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Enrol on a course
You can enrol for courses in Helsingin työväenopisto, Helsingfors arbis and Vantaan Aikuisopisto starting from 10 to 12 August, depending on the subject. Enrolment for all courses in Espoon työväenopisto or Esbo Arbis continues, except for Finnish courses for which the enrolment begins from 10 to 12 August.
Helsingin työväenopisto

Enrolment begins depending on the subject from 10 to 12 August at 10.00 and continues all autumn.
  • You can also enrol by phone, 0931088610 or in our customer service offices at 10–16.
  • Customer service is open from Monday to Thursday at 10–16, telephone: 09 310 88610.
  • You can collect the printed study guide from our premises or from libraries.
Helsingfors arbis

Enrolment begins depending on the subject from 10 to 12 August and continues all autumn. You can also enrol by phone 09 310 494 or at our premises in Dagmarinkatu 3.

Vantaan Aikuisopisto

Enrolment begins depending on the subject from 10 to 12 August at 13.00 and continues all autumn.
  • You can also enrol by phone 0983924342
  • You can also come to Opistotalo or Myyrinki from 10 to 12 August at 13-15.
Collect the printed study guide from Opistotalo, Myyrinki, Vantaa-infos, libraries, or Suomalainen Kirjakauppa.

Espoon työväenopisto
  • Enrolment for courses in Espoo continues all autumn.  You can also enrol by calling our customer service, 020 692 444, from Monday to Thursday at 12–15.
  • Enrolment for Finnish courses (S2) begins on 10.–12.8. You can also enrol by phone, call 020 692 444.
Printed study guide is published in the beginning of September and you can collect if from our premises, libraries and service points. The online version is published on 26 August.

Esbo Arbis

Enrolment for courses in Espoo continues all autumn.  You can also enrol by calling 09 81657 890 From Monday to Thursday at 10–12 ja 13–15.

Welcome to courses!
Published July 31, 2020

One thousand and one courses for your autumn
This is what we have been waiting for the entire spring! Now you can see them: The one thousand and one courses of International Omnia, Espoo for autumn 2020.
Enrolment for the courses starts accordingly:
  • Wed 27 May 2020 12:30 pm: Physical Education, Health and Wellbeing | Home and Garden | Cooking Classes
  • Thu 28 May 12:30 pm: Visual Arts | Music | Literature and Theatre | Handicrafts | Open University
  • Fri 29 May 12:30 pm: Languages | People, Society and Culture |Nature, Environment, Technology and Transport |, Media and Information Technology | University for Senior Citizens
Enrolment for Finnish Courses starts 10–12 Aug 2020.

You may enrol in the courses as long as there are places available. In case the course of your dreams is already full, please enrol for the queue, so you will be among the first ones to receive information about a new, similar course. We will plan more courses during the autumn, so please check Ilmonet every once in a while.

And what have we here then? We have apples, oranges and some fruit salad. Distance education courses organized online, face-to-face courses organized on the spot and blended learning courses, during which both splendid teaching methods are used.

In August, we will start with distance education courses, and as of September, we will add face-to-face education and outdoor activities to that, on top of other courses organized outdoors. According to the requirements of the coronavirus situation, we have made preparations for adjusting our face-to-face courses to online courses also later in autumn, if applicable.

Now browse away!
Published May 20, 2020

How do we create a sustainable future together?
Espoo Adult Education Centre and Esbo Arbetarinstitut would like to enhance the knowledge for sustainable development in the project Ecosocial education as part of activities of adult education centres.

It is the aim of the project to create a common understanding for ecosocial education in the everyday life of adult education centres, how it is seen in the daily work as well as to enhance the knowledge of its personnel concerning sustainable development.

The topic is most current, as 62% of the Finns consider the climate change as a real and extremely serious threat, which needs to be prevented without delay and which needs to be tackled with every means (Finnish Energy 2018). Stopping of the climate change is also one of the Agenda 2030 objectives in the UN programme for sustainable development. Agenda 2030 includes 17 global objectives for sustainable development, which are to be reached latest by 2030. Espoo is one of the forerunners in the Agenda 2030 programme.

Knowledge of the ecosocial education enables the personnel a vast perspective of sustainable development. The personnel may better highlight sustainable development, observe it in their own work and course planning. Our work communities build a sustainable future together.

Published February 10, 2020